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Carryboy Canopy Mackay Fibreglass canopies are the most commonly used material for canopies; durable fibreglass stands up to the wear and tear of lugging your gear in the back. The lightweight nature of fibreglass makes it easy to lift off the canopy when you need to open up the tray. Plus, that reduced mass means minimal impact on your total vehicle weight, so your ute can maintain handling. The other beauty of a fibreglass canopy is that it won’t rust, making it a low-maintenance option that holds up to the elements.

Carryboy Canopy Mackay

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality engineered material moulds the inner and outer shells for high-impact resistance.

  • Fibreglass inner and outer shells provide an extremely lightweight free-of-metal frame, which is prone to trust.

  • Lightweight, solid, strong and rust-free throughout its lifetime.

  • Fibreglass with a high specific strength.

  • Perfect water-proof.

  • The weather-resistant design makes this our best-performing hardtop.

  • Carryboy Canopy Mackay


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