The Bush company 270 XT™ Awning Mk2

The 270 XT™ Awning sets new benchmarks for a free-standing shade awning in terms of overall strength, wind resistance and durability. The awning is 2.3m in length, weighs only 27.8Kg and can be easily fixed to most roof racks or heavy-duty load bars using our Heavy Duty L Brackets (2 adjustable heavy-duty brackets included with the awning) or to our Clamshell Roof Top Tents using the appropriate awning to tent bracket (sold separately). The 270 XT™ Awning provides an incredible 8sqm (86sqft) of shade around your 4WD to set up your camp kitchen, swags or just a shaded seating/chill out area. As you can see from the video, one person can easily set up the awning in about 30 seconds, and the pack down is just as simple.

Around the inside edge of the awning is a 50mm thick velcro strip that can be used to attach the optional awning walls enabling you to fully enclose the area to protect it from the elements or additional privacy.

The awning is available in either a Left Hand Side (passenger side in Australia)  or Right Hand Side (driver’s side in Australia) configuration; please select which version you require from the drop-down menu below.

Fitting the 270 XT™ Awning

The 270 XT™ Awning frame requires a fitment bracket attached to the stainless steel section no more than 200mm (7 ⁷/₈inch) from the hinged end. There are 2 Heavy Duty L brackets supplied with the awning, and the second bracket must be mounted no less than 1.3m (4′ 3″) from the bracket at the hinged end. To mount the awning to one of our rooftop tents, you will need an Awning To Tent bracket, which is sold separately.


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