The Bush company 180 XT MAX™ Awning

The 180 XT MAX™ Awning is made in South Africa from the finest quality components. The awning has two fully trussed arms that sit at 90o degrees at each end of the frame and an additional aluminium pole at the front and rear end of the awning that folds out to be parallel with your vehicle. The combination of forward and rear folding arms means the 180 XT MAX™ Awning provides an incredible amount of shade (+/-8.53m2 / 91.82ft2) around your 4WD for you to set up your camp kitchen, swags or just a shaded seating/chill out area. When extended, the awning measures a total of 5.84m / 19.16ft from end to end. As you can see from the video, one person quickly sets up the awning in about 60 seconds, and the pack down is just as simple. The 180 XT MAX™ Awning has a heavy-duty stainless steel hinge at the rear and the frame's front section. All the arms are made from an aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, and the front and rear single arms are strengthened with a honeycomb cross-section throughout their length.

The canvas on the awning itself is a 315gsm/11.3oz poly-cotton rip-stop canvas in The Bush Company's traditional olive green colour that is mould and mildew resistant. There are no seams in the canvas section (not including the edges), and the canvas is pre-treated during manufacture for water resistance. Like any canvas, it should be seasoned before use by pre-wetting and drying, and over time if the stitched areas show signs of water ingress, this is easily treated with a canvas aqua-proof product to seal the stitch holes. Where the canvas is attached to the ends of the awning arms, there is additional triple reinforcement to eliminate chafing, and the front and rear arms slide into a triple-stitched canvas sleeve.

The awning bag is 460gsm/16.2oz poly-cotton rip-stop canvas with YKK Zippers. In contrast to PVC awning covers, the canvas allows the awning to breathe while keeping it dust/dirt free, and moisture can wick out through the zipper reducing the risk of mould or mildew. The rip-stop material on the bag also reduces the risk of large running tears due to contact with tree branches, and the front and rear sections of the bag have a double layer of canvas providing extra protection.

The awning's structure is made from an extruded alloy composite specifically designed to provide the elasticity, strength and durability required to enable this awning to be entirely free-standing. The main brackets for the hinges are constructed from stainless steel providing huge power. The primary arms on the awning have been gusseted for additional strength, which enables the awning to be entirely free-standing without any poles in even strong wind conditions. We do not supply poles for the awning as it does not need them, but we supply guy ropes and pegs for use in strong wind conditions to prevent damage to your roof rack or vehicle. The guy ropes attached to the heavy-duty webbing loops attached to the canvas at the arms' ends and midway along each canvas section. In conjunction with the natural rake of the awning, the guy ropes should be used to prevent water pooling on the canvas and to guide water runoff in preferred places. We do not recommend leaving the awning unattended during snowfall due to the risk of canvas stretching due to excessive weight.

Care and Maintenance

We recommend that new awnings are thoroughly wet down before first use. This will ensure that your awning performs well in damp weather by allowing the poly/cotton core-spun thread and canvas to swell ensuring the takeup of any potential leaks in the stitching.

Cleaning Canvas & Bag:
Do not use soap or detergents on the canvas.
Do not store the product if wet; allow drying first.
To clean, use a soft brush and cold water.
Do not expose to petrol, oils or harsh chemicals.

Cleaning mould:
Allow mould to dry
Remove surface mould with a stiff bristle brush
Vacuum the area
Treat the area with Oil of Clove spray (diluted spray can be purchased or can be mixed using a few drops of oil into a spray bottle of water)


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