Clearview Easy Slide

The Clearview Easy Slide is an ADR and OHS complaint quality-designed product that can be easily installed in your vehicle so you have easy access to cold food and drinks no matter where you’re going. This state-of-the-art fridge slide is easy to use and access from the back of your vehicle or within your canopy.

Unlock the travel lock mechanism and pull the fridge towards you to full extension. A gas strut-assisted vertical scissor lift action, and safety latch system then allows for safe and easy lowering of your fridge.

Rated to hold 180KG, the Easy Slide makes accessing your fridge safe and easy. Being a quality product of Clearview Accessories, your Easy Slide has been tested to outlast over 10,000 movements and comes with a three-year warranty, so you know this is a quality product.


Making Life Easy For All 4WD Adventures

The Easy Slide is a fridge-lowering slide that safely lowers your portable travel fridge to an impressive 290mm with powerful 1500N gas struts and a safety gear mechanism.

Clearview Easy Slide is a patented Aussie design that makes life easy!


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