1350 Complete Double Drawer System to suit Volkswagen Amarok (Non-AdBlue Models) 2011 – Current
Complete Kit includes: Left & Right 1350 Drawer Modules, Left & Right Wing & Fit Kits, Double Drawer Join Kit & Double Trim & Floor Extension

Volkswagen Amarok Potential AdBlue Complications When Ordering Drawers

We have had an instance where a customer has ordered a full set of MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawers for an Amarok and confirmed the kit was for a non-AdBlue model.

When it came time to install the wing kits, our customer found that one top wood panel did not fit.

It appears that Volkswagen has used the fuel fill housing from the AdBlue model without the filler tube installed. This means that the inner guard has the provision for the AdBlue filler tube, but the vehicle itself is not an AdBlue model.  In this scenario, the correct Drawer Kit required is the Amarok V6 with AdBlue, even though it's not an AdBlue model!

E1350-VWROKAB-COM  (Volkswagen Amarok V6 with AdBlue)
E1350-VWROK-COM  (Volkswagen Amarok non- AdBlue models)

As always, our Team are on hand if you have any questions about identifying part numbers or if you have any questions about any of our products.

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