Complete Aluminium Tray

FEATURES (Aluminium Tray)

  • Strong lightweight aluminium design

  • Unique Recessed latches

  • Heavy Duty Dual Wall Sides

  • Heavy Duty 76mm wide x 5mm Thick Aluminium Headboard Tube

  • Narva Tail Lights

  • 3mm Aluminium Mudguards

  • Will fit most utes – Contact us if unsure what size is best for yours


  • Tray Length available From 1650mm To 1800mm Long

  • Tray Width available as 1800mm or 1900mm (Contact us if unsure what size is best for your vehicle)

  • Standard Weight: Approx 115kg

  • Sides: 250mm High, 26mm Wide Dual Wall.

  • Headboard Tube: 76x5mm Brushed Aluminium


Our upgraded LED tail lights come in two different styles, both of which feature sequential indicators.



Our under-tray drawers are fully integrated into the rear light bar. They feature finger-pull opening, slam-shut locking and a strong drawer lid that can be utilised for a range of activities and setups – from camp kitchens to workbenches.

The faceplate of our undertray drawer also has the option to be powder coated from our range of powder coat colours so that it can match the rest of your aluminium ute tray and canopy accessories.


We have a large variety of undertray toolboxes to suit a range of usage. Our traditional square finish boxes are flat across the bottom and 90 degrees to the rear whilst our sloped 4×4 boxes taper towards the rear providing extra clearance for off road adventures. All of our underbody toolboxes come in both a checkerplate or a flat aluminium finish and can be powder coated to match your setup.


It is a legal requirement for the mudguards to cover the wheels and tyres of your vehicle. If you are looking for that extra space our flared mudguards are the perfect option.


  • Heavy-duty 3mm Aluminium

  • Provides 45mm per side extra coverage over wheels, allowing up to 90mm wider wheel width than the ute tray.

  • Powder coat options available


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