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Tech Specs

  • Gas Struts

  • 2.5mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium

  • Internal 60x30x2.5mm RHS bracing allowing up to 300kg of static weight and 150kg of dynamic weight on the canopy roof

  • Full-Length Piano-type Stainless Steel Hinges

  • Extra-Thick Rubber Dust Seal

  • Water Deflector Seal

Better Space Utilisation

The canopy has been expertly designed ensuring a seamless aesthetic fit while allowing far superior use of space. Having the accessible and usable space start right from the floor, No longer is there a need to raise up drawer units or doors to be able to open above the door opening. Notably, users will appreciate the significant 765mm Door clearance inside the canopy, making ease of installation and access for items such as the Bushman 130L upright fridge.

Advanced Locking System

The X-Series canopy enhances security and convenience with its patented, advanced three-stage locking system. It features both slam-shut locking and finger-pull opening mechanisms, ensuring easy access and enhanced safety. The unique design, incorporating a single handle, contributes to a tight dust seal. Unlike traditional whale tail locks, this fully enclosed system prevents loose items from becoming entangled or obstructing the locking mechanism, effectively eliminating cutouts on the floor that could be obstructive and potential jamming issues caused by loose items in the canopy. 

Flush Flooring

The X-Series chassis mount canopy features a flush flooring design, which eliminates the necessity for sub-floors. This design extends to both side doors, creating a uniform and level surface providing full access from the base of the floor. The flush floor design ensures there is no wasted space in the X-Series chassis mount canopy. 

Keyless Entry System*

The keyless entry system is a revolutionary feature that offers the ultimate convenience and security for your vehicle. With this patent-pending system, you can effortlessly lock and unlock all of your canopy doors using a single remote, saving you time and hassle. This innovative technology provides enhanced peace of mind by offering superior protection for your equipment and is the perfect solution for anyone who values convenience and efficiency.

Internal LED Lighting*

Each door of the canopy is equipped with its own LED strip light and switch. The light is strategically positioned so that when the canopy door is opened, it illuminates both underneath the door and inside the canopy.

This unique design incorporates a 3-way lighting system, providing two colour options: a standard cool white light and an orange light. The orange light is specifically designed to deter bugs during nighttime use.

Anderson Out*

Designed for convenience and ease of use when connecting to your car battery. Integrated within our premium convenience package control system is an internal 12V Anderson plug output rated to 40A, this feature provides a tidy solution for connecting 12V accessories supported directly by the car battery. For those considering a dual battery system, you can easily use this output as your connection interlinking the canopy power system to the car battery.

A New Level In Adventure

Whether it's exploring the untamed wilderness or conquering daring expeditions, X-Series opens doors to unforgettable experiences without compromising on quality or performance with a groundbreaking approach to affordability. 


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